Adelaide 100 [1/4]

Thilina hiked this
Distance 34.91km
Elevation 1105m
Steps 46249

The Adelaide100 is a circular walking trail that covers a distance of 100km and passes through both the city and suburbs of Adelaide, located in South Australia. It is possible to start the trail from any point along the route and it stretches from the picturesque coast, through the central business district and surrounding residential areas, and continues on to the Adelaide Hills. The trail is currently under construction and is being marked. If the project stays on schedule, the marking of the trail will be finished by 2023.

As a start we decided to do the part starting from Adelaide Oval to Norton Summit. We followed the nice and cool linear park all the way towards Athelston and from there we climbed Black Hill and then entered Morialta Park. Due to some trails being closed because of an accident, we had to deviate from our intended course and ascend a couple of extremely steep hills for a while in Morialta Park. After trekking through a light rain, we eventually arrived at Norton Summit following a long day’s walk spanning approximately 35km in distance and lasting around 8 hours, covering a mix of hard, paved surfaces and natural tracks.