Sea to Summit

Thilina hiked this
Distance 32km
Elevation 1359m
Steps 44781

This trail is from the beach at Kingston Park, near Brighton, to the summit of Mount Lofty. The 32km trail is a challenging walk experience if you want to tackle it in a day, with a total height gain of 1400 metres from sea to summit. The trail links existing walking tracks and a series of streets, which creates an interesting and varied experience.

The trail starts at the beautiful Kingston Park Beach, started by ritually wetting our shoes in the beach XD, and from there, it quickly heads uphill through a series of neighborhoods before reaching the first reserve. There are quite a few steep climbs in this trail. However, as we continued to push ourselves, we began to take in the great views around us.

This trail is is largely unmarked, it is a series of walking trails and roadside or reserve connections. We were lucky to have a great walk leader from Friends of Heysen Trail group.

The trail passes through several different reserves, each with its unique flora and fauna. One of the highlights of the trail was passing through the Belair National Park, where we saw several species of native wildlife, including kangaroos and kookaburras.

The final stretch of the trail was the toughest, as it involves a steep climb up to the summit of Mount Lofty. But the reward for reaching the summit is well worth the effort, as the views from the top are simply stunning.

Overall, hiking the unique trail from Kingston Park to Mount Lofty was a challenging and great experience. The varied terrain, great views, and opportunity to talk to other hikers made for a truly memorable day.