F1 Steering Wheel with Arduino

I started making a formula 1 style steering wheel for my G27 couple of weeks ago. It has been progressing slowly whenever I get some free time. Came across some cool software along the way and wanted to share. Watch this space. #F1WheelProject via twitter

First task was to design the rough idea on a cad software. Autodesk fusion 360 has a free hobbyist license and excellent for the task. via twitter

initial modal in fusion 360 cut the template using a jigsaw try out the rough prototype for size

Started adding more detail to the design based on Mercedes F1 wheel and laser cut the design in a 3mm MDF for test fit”, via twitter

laser cutting the initial shape Using a cheap android phone as the screen

From fusion 360 you can export sketches as DXF vector format. Used awesome http://deepnest.io to find the optimal nesting to save material and save time when laser cutting #F1WheelProject via twitter

As the screen of the wheel I’m using a cheap android phone. The telemetry data from racing games is provided by simhub. https://github.com/SHWotever/SimHub. If you are doing any sim racing related project this is the best thing ever. #F1WheelProject” via twitter

For the rpm and flag status during race I’m using a arduino ATmega328 nano board. Again the data is provided by simhub.via twitter

Next up is buttons. It will have 10 momentary push buttons. 3 rotary buttons (rotary come with a push function) and 2 micro leaver switches for shifters. Need to figure out a way to do a button matrix. Building on ATmega32u4 arduino pro micro using https://github.com/MHeironimus/ArduinoJoystickLibraryvia twitter

Laser cutting was done at @MakerspaceAdl awesome place with awesome community if you need any laser cutting or 3D printing done. via twitter

NeoPixel LEDs are super fun via twitter

Printing one of the parts for the F1 wheel on the awesome @Zortrax_3D M300 at @MakerspaceAdl today #F1WheelProject via twitter

Project update on f1 steering build. Buttons and lights done. Working on quick release mechanism to connect it to the steering base 🏎 via twitter

MFD menu with rotary encoders via twitter

Using neopixels for RPM lights, deltas, sector times, flags etc via twitter